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TiltPlate, HexLock, QuadLock, Antennas, Connectors, Cables and More. Send us an email for a quote (or call us to get our immediate attention).

Degen Designs has been around since 2001, starting in the amateur radio market offering a shrunken Quad Antenna called the BBQ101520. We will be re-introducing this product in short order.

Update, we have been busy building antennas and TiltPlates and are constantly chasing a backlog so if we are slow in response to your emails, please bare with us. Thank you.

Latest News

Jul 6, 2021

Busy Year

Its been a busy year for us commerically and with the amatuer market. With adding TiltPlates we have had to invovative to keep costs inline despite increases across the board. Our Latest product are 2" Saddle Brackets and 2" V-Saddles, we will be adding more. This are way more cost effective than our competitors and built to the highest standards. They will be added to our site shortly and allow us to reduce our prices on the TiltPlate Product Line

Jul 1, 2020

NN4ZZ TiltPlate, HexLock and QuadLock is now manufactured by Degen Designs

NN4ZZ TiltPlate, HexLock and QuadLock are now manufactured by Degen Designs

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