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Degen is pleased to be able to offer KOKI wire solder in Hobby Package format.  Please contact us at for pricing.


KOKI Lead Free Solder.

The best solder on the market.


Degen switched to KOKI  Lead Free Solder to improve our ease of soldering, tip life and quality of solder joints on our commercial antenna products while switching to RoHS compliance requirements. We find that this solder is as easy to work with as our old leaded solder and as a result switched all of our production to KOKI Lead Free.   Once you've tried KOKI, you will throw out your tried and trusted leaded solder......That's how we got hooked.


  As part of a partnership with our supplier to support the Amateur Radio Community, Amateur Radio operators can order the KOKI Lead Free solder through us.

For pricing and/or additional information, please contact us at


Degen is pleased to announce that the ARRL has verified our GAIN figures for the SVW3-2 (2m) Vwave antenna and will allow us and our respective agents to advertise the Gain Figures.  If your interested in the figures that we will be publishing, please look at Amateur products page.





If your looking to use any Degen Product in ARES, RACE, MARS, FEMA, CERV or any other equivalent application, please contact us for special pricing at




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